Bakes v. Regents (UCDMC), Magorien, and Chen

Sacramento Superior Court – 19 days, April 1997. Wrongful death action in which plaintiffs alleged that the plaintiffs’ decedent was misdiagnosed as having a stroke, when she had actually had a syncopal event triggered by a medication that co-defendant cardiologist had prescribed for her. The co-defendant internist was further alleged to have failed to appreciate the problem, all of which was then alleged to have led to her death due to a drug toxicity reaction some three weeks later. Defendants contended that the plaintiffs’ decedent in fact had a stroke, and that she died from a cardiac sudden death, not from any type of toxic reaction to the cardiac medication she was on. Plaintiffs requested $400,000.00.  Offers none. Defense verdict. Plaintiffs appealed, judgment and verdict upheld on appeal.