Epstein v. Regents (UCDMC)

Sacramento Superior Court – 17 trial days, January 2001. Alleged mis-performance of cardiac catheterization, as well as inadequate monitoring following same, allegedly resulting in perforation of cardiac artery, with exsanguination into pericardial sac producing pericardial tamponade. As a result, the plaintiff, a 77 year old retired mechanical engineer, suffered several cardiac arrests, and severe anoxic brain injury severely affecting his cognitive functions in all domains, rendering him the functional equivalent of a three year old child. Claimed general damage claims on behalf of both plaintiff husband and wife, as well as special damage claims for future nursing and respite care for the plaintiff husband. Plaintiffs requested $650,000.00 to $800,000.00 in their final argument. Last demand $300,000.00. Offer – none. Defense verdict. No appeal.