Parcell v. Regents (UCDMC)

Sacramento Superior Court – 30+ trial days, May through July 2002. Plaintiffs alleged failure to adequately stabilize the plaintiff’s undiagnosed neck injury, coupled with failure to adequately work up and diagnose the injury itself, resulting in a partial cord injury. Work up of the patient was complicated by multiple other injuries, which defendant claimed necessitated two intervening surgeries which compounded efforts to make diagnosis. Claimed damages both loss of consortium on part of husband, as well as physical injuries of the plaintiff (partial sexual dysfunction, right hemiplegia) as well as claimed future nursing services and (as to husband) loss of household services. Plaintiffs requested a jury verdict of between $1.6 million and $2.4 million. Last demand – none. Last offer, none. Hung jury (7-5, defendant) after three weeks of deliberations. Case ultimately settled for $400,000.00.