Smith v. NorthBay (NorthBay Medical Center)

Solano Superior Court – 30+ trial days, October through December 1998. Alleged failure of workup and mismanagement of transmediastinal gunshot wound, allegedly resulting in failure to timely transfer the plaintiff to a high level trauma center.  Just prior to transport, the plaintiff suffered a massive bleed out resulting in a series of cardiac arrests, ultimately resulting in a severe anoxic brain injury to the point to where the plaintiff, a 31 year old female, will remain in a persistent vegetative state for the remainder of her life. Plaintiffs requested the costs of pain and suffering, as well as nursing care to maintain the plaintiff in a step-down medical unit on ventilatory support for the remainder of her life (the plaintiff has no motor function whatsoever while her mental functioning is largely limited to blinking her eyes).  Plaintiff requested between $10-$15 million. Last demand – none stated. Last offer – $1 million from one of the co-defendant emergency room physicians, none from client hospital. Defense verdict in 45 minutes. No appeal.