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Disclosing a Disability Does Not Pardon Past Bad Conduct

Posted on: September 22, 2017

California employers can establish workplace conduct policies and discipline employees who fail to comply with them.  Employers also have to engage in an interactive process with employees who have a disability to explore reasonable accommodations, if any, to address work limitations from the disability.  However, an employer’s duty to reasonably accommodate an employee’s disability is Read more.....

VLOG: Employers May Implement Vacation Accrual Waiting Periods

Posted on: September 12, 2017

Employers may lawfully defer an employee’s paid vacation accrual until after their first year of employment. On July 28, 2017, the California Court of Appeal in Minnick v. Automotive Creations, Inc., No. D070555 (Cal.App. 4 Dist. 2017) affirmed that California law does not prohibit employers from imposing a waiting period before paid vacation time accrues. Read more.....

Wilke Fleury Secures $4,000,000 Judgment Against the United States

Posted on: September 5, 2017

On August 31, 2017, Senior Judge Lynn J. Bush of the United States Court of Federal Claims issued a $4,000,000 judgment against the United States in favor of Magnus Pacific Corporation, a Wilke Fleury client and one of the leading geotechnical contractors in the country. Magnus Pacific’s claims arose out of levee restoration work performed Read more.....