Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Winning a lawsuit means more than just filing paperwork and waiting for the dust to settle. It means preparing every case, from the beginning, as though it will go to trial.

Too often, attorneys forget this simple rule. While each case should be assessed on an individual basis, with all possible resolutions in play, practitioners often view trial as a fearsome event that is to be avoided, rather than embraced. What separates our trial lawyers is their recognition that the true willingness—on the part of both client and attorney—to go to trial is not only critical when the trial comes, but is a powerful tool in the context of litigation as a whole. Even if a case does settle, the chance of a favorable settlement is enhanced by the other side’s recognition that, when it comes to trial, a lawyer will “put his money where his mouth is.”

Wilke Fleury’s trial lawyers have cultivated just such a reputation, among lawyers and judges alike. The firm’s litigation services cover the full spectrum of the firm’s practice areas, and our lawyers have a recognized expertise in:

  • Complex business cases
  • Construction defect case
  • Employment disputes
  • Trust and probate litigation
  • Medical malpractice defense
  • Accountants liability defense
  • Bankruptcy

Our attorneys are not just litigators, but trial lawyers who have chosen this profession because they have a love for the courtroom. Whether the dispute is large or small, it is that passion that allows Wilke Fleury to provide the highest level of legal representation. Our clients can see the difference.