Wilke Fleury Completes Sale of 125 Acres to the California Tahoe Conservancy

Wilke Fleury recently completed the negotiation and sale of 125 acres of undeveloped land to the California Tahoe Conservancy. The sale is the second largest purchase in the history of the Conservancy. Wilke Fleury Partner Jim Krtil worked closely with the property owners, members of the Barton family, in negotiating acceptable terms for the sale of the land, which had been in the family for generations. The California Tahoe Conservancy will preserve the land, which is likely to be a vital link for a new bike trail through the south portion of the Tahoe basin. The Firm previously negotiated and closed the largest purchase ever to the Conservancy on behalf  of Alva Barton. That sale involved over 300 acres of meadow land, with more than a half-mile of Lake Tahoe beach front. The land now serves as important stream zone land. Each transaction involved years of negotiations, taking into consideration not only the real estate aspects of the transaction, but also the income tax and estate tax implications to the family.