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We are deeply troubled by allegations made in a lawsuit filed by one of our former lobbyists. We unequivocally refute the allegation that she was terminated for signing the #WeSaidEnough letter. Not only is the lobbyist at our law firm who supervised this person a woman, but she is a supporter of the #WeSaidEnough movement and a decades‐long advocate for women’s rights. The partners and other employees at our firm also fully support the #MeToo movement to address sexual harassment in the workplace.

Indeed, the allegations lodged by our former employee fundamentally mischaracterize the culture and character of Wilke Fleury. We support women and minorities in the workplace, prohibit harassment of any kind, and absolutely support the right and will of any employee who wishes to stand with those speaking out against harassment and inequity.

Our firm is committed to equal rights for all, at our workplace and throughout society. The firm promotes workplace inclusiveness and diversity in the Sacramento legal community. For example, the firm is a founding member of the Sacramento County Bar Association Diversity Fellowship Program, a founder and sponsor of Women’s Empowerment, and our attorneys participate in female and minority bar groups. We are disappointed that some have accepted one‐sided allegations made in a lawsuit in order to call for punitive action against our firm. Demands that our firm exonerate ourselves by publicly disclosing private, personnel information about a former employee is inconsistent with our values as an employer. Doing so could also interfere with the rights of individuals referenced in this lawsuit.

We respect the privacy rights of all of our current and former employees. Because personnel matters are confidential, we cannot at this time discuss the details of this lawsuit, but we can say unequivocally that Wilke Fleury would under no circumstances retaliate against an employee for participating in activities supporting his or her personal beliefs.

We look forward to presenting our defense in the judicial process as quickly as possible and ask that fair‐minded people respect and observe our right to defend ourselves against these allegations in the legal system.