Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney Marks Its 90th Birthday

On January 1, 2012, Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney, LLP commenced its 90th year in the practice of law.

The firm was founded in 1922 by two young Sacramento lawyers, J. L. Henry and Grover Bedeau. Henry and Bedeau had a general law practice until 1948 when Grover Bedeau accepted a judgeship with the Sacramento County Superior Court. Shortly thereafter, J. Henry also received a judicial appointment, and the firm became known as Wilke & Fleury under the direction of Sherman C. Wilke and Gordon A. Fleury. In the early 1950s, the firm commenced a period of sustained growth populated by bright and dedicated lawyers, several of whom followed the lead of Henry and Bedeau and became judges.

The firm has always prided itself in being a part of the Sacramento community, and has encouraged its attorneys to participate in community affairs and bar association activities. The firm’s commitment to Sacramento and the surrounding region is evidenced by the key role it has played in the area’s spectacular growth.

As of January 1, 2012, Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney has grown to 32 attorneys practicing in a wide variety of legal areas. The firm enjoys the highest professional rating available to law firms, and we believe that Messrs. Henry and Bedeau would be delighted with the success of the firm that they started back in 1922.